Club Search
Search for ARRL affiliated clubs.

The DX Zone
A search engine and general guide including amateur radio and shortwave.

Exam Session Search Engine
From the ARRL.

FCC Database
FCC database of callsigns, frequencies, etc.

Global Positioning System Overview
From the Department of Geography, University of Texas at Austin.

The Amateur Radio Operators guide to manufacturers, dealers, and organizations as well as the home of the HamRad Trader.

Keplerian Elements
Weekly Keplerian elements from AMSAT.

Keplerian Elements Tutorial
Based on the documentation provided with InstantTrack.

National Hamfest and Convention Calendar
From the ARRL.

The Packet Radio Homepage
From TAPR. Features information and links related to all forms of amateur digital communications, including APRS.

QRZ Online Callbook Search
Official home of The QRZ Ham Radio CDROM. Online callbook search and more.

Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment (SAREX)
A long-running program to use amateur radio equipment on board NASA's Space Shuttle.

U.S. Naval Observatory Master Clock
Realtime web clocks.

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