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Announcements Welcome on Training Net

by Steve Lewis - N8TFD
March 3, 2003

Because there is a finite amount of training available out there, there are times when we are a bit short on content. (This is probably no surprise to you regulars.)

One of the things that the net is for ... and we're restating it now ... is information of general interest to the regional ham radio community. There are not a lot of local nets with the whole region as the "audience", but this is one. We have numerous active clubs, and ARES/RACES organizations in the WARN service area.

So if you have a meeting, training, license class, exam session, drill, hamfest, or you-name-it, feel free to use the weekly WARN net as a place to get the information out.

WARN firmly believes in supporting the ham community (when we're not busy supporting the NWS and the general public!)

We look forward to your announcements on Wednesday night ... and every Wednesday night through 9/24.

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