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Lightning Safety
September 5, 2000
It's very easy to get lulled into complacency...

Kudos from National Weather Service
August 11, 2000
A word of thanks from the National Weather Service.

Severe Weather
August 9, 2000
Special thanks to our net control operators who put in a pretty long evening (and day), Bob Kaegi KB8TPC and Dave Stuart KB0SLY...

Overpasses are NOT shelters
March 5, 2000
A very popular video clip has many people seeking shelter from severe weather under highway overpasses. BAD MOVE!

Rain Rain, Go Away!
January 3, 2000
We normally don't expect to be activated at this time of year, but when the NWS calls, we will bring up the nets...

1999 End of Year Summary
October 25, 1999
As you might suspect, droughts make for low incidence of severe weather.

Weather Radio Recall
October 23, 1999
Midland model 74-200 radios that have a serial number beginning with 904 or 905 are being recalled...

New Weather Alert Products
October 19, 1999
We have learned of the release of a few new products. Each, in its own way, is interesting. If nothing else, they give everyone a choice and may create some competition in the market.

When the Sirens Sound
July 15, 1999
A quick reference to the siren activation criteria for various counties.

Weather Net 4/9/99 Killer Storms
April 9, 1999
Without the diligence of spotters and the hard work of the Wilmington Office of the National Weather Service, the toll could have been much worse...

1999 WARN Annual Training Session
April 2, 1999
A recap and photos of the event.

Kentucky Tornado Drill
March 9, 1999
This was an unusual net in that, since we were on the air anyway, the Weather Service Office in Wilmington was looking for "severe winter weather" reports.

1999 Weather Season Coordination
February 20, 1999
No major changes are planned for this year. There are a few highlights that will probably interest you as severe weather season approaches.

Amateur Radio Classes Available
January 25, 1999
We receive many inquiries on how to become a ham. Here is information on upcoming amateur radio courses in the Cincinnati area.

Severe Weather in November ???
November 10, 1998
When we think of severe weather, we usually think of spring, not November. But, it happened today.

News From Wilmington, OH NWS
September 14, 1998
At a recent meeting in Wilmington, Ken Haydu - Meteorologist in Charge provided a summary of recent severe weather warning performance. Also discussed were changes occuring at the NWS office. Read all about it here.

Photos From Wilmington, OH NWS
September 12, 1998
Pictures from the National Weather Service office in Wilmington, including the Doppler Radar system and their amateur radio area.

Autumn is Almost Here
September 9, 1998
Although severe weather becomes less frequent this late in the year, keep the batteries charged! New training net schedule starting in October...

Recap of the Weather Net July 19 - July 20
July 21, 1998
This was a fantastic net with many valuable reports received. In fact, we'd have to look pretty hard to find anything wrong with it...

WARN Receives New Vanity Callsign
July 17, 1998
Effective immediately, WARN will be using our new club vanity call sign of W8NWS...

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