1997 Season End Comments

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The 1997 severe weather season was ALMOST the season that didn’t happen. Far fewer severe weather events occurred than in recent years. Spotter net activations by the National Weather Service were few and far between. In early October representatives from the NWS, WARN and similar groups from Columbus, Dayton, Wilmington, and Scioto County met at the NWS office to discuss the 1997 season. All agreed the season was slow.

The one topic that was discussed at length, was the amount of lead time we are given whensevere weather approaches. It seems we were activated this year as the storms passed overhead. We asked for at least 30 minutes notice in the future. This will allow us to have the net up and running before the storms hit. It will also keep our net control operators from driving to the net control point in the middle of a severe storm, and overall reduce confusion. In all fairness to the NWS, sometimes severe weather builds rapidly, not allowing for greater lead time. The NWS was also trying to be a little conservative, feeling they may have worn us out in the 1996 season that was very busy. In any case, we’re going to work on it.