First Net of 1998 and Other News

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1998’s First Net

Our first official net occurred last night due to approaching severe weather. As it turned out, the net was cancelled early because the storms lost a lot of intensity before they entered our area of responsibility. Thanks to all who participated. Another message will be sent out to the list shortly explaining how the net is activated, and how it functions.

What’s up at WARN?

We are busy tuning up the equipment and our procedures for nets. At the recent Great Lakes Convention in Cincinnati, we were able to obtain a new Yaesu FT-2500 VHF radio for use as our primary net radio. This was made possible by the numerous membership renewals and the sale of an older packet radio that was no longer needed. The Yaesu is installed and operational. This replaces an older Kenwood secondary radio that was being eaten up by intermod in the high RF environment. The existing primary radio was moved to secondary service. I have been informed that during the net on 3/8/98, there was not a peep of intermod on or crosstalk between our radios. Looks like we were successful!

The N8NWS APRS packet station/WIDE digipeater has been moved to the new 144.39 MHz frequency as have most other APRS operations in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas. The goal of many APRSers was to have the new 144.39 network fully functional before Dayton Hamvention time.

WARN is still looking for a desktop public safety type radio equipment console. If you know of one of these laying around, please let us know. We are also looking for a small functional cable ready television. When we find one of these, we will have access to a direct Doppler radar link from WKRC-TV channel 12. This would be very valuable to our net operations. And, yes, we accept tax deductible corporate or individual donations.