New Net Control Point – Console Update

Thanks to Jerry Weddle at Harris, Roger WA8CGK, and Bob KB8TPC, the new WARN console at the Kenwood location is now in place. Roger, Bob, and I picked up the original console today, took it to Roger’s, and made the cuts to get it to fit in the area allowed in the Kenwood location. Bob and I then took it down to the Bank One building in Kenwood and put it in place. Yet to be done is the actual move of the radio equipment, cutting the holes for the radios, and making cover plates for the openings in the cabinets and wiring.

We are still hoping for a switch box from Harris to allow the operator(s) to pick and choose which of the 6 different audio feeds they want to listen to in the headphones. They are also going to make the cut-outs for the radios. We will also need speakers in the cabinets with controls.

There’s a lot to be done yet, but a big accomplishment was made today. The estimated time of the move is still end-of-May. Clear Channel still has to run the coax, install the antennas, and finish the electric, cat5, and cable.