When the Sirens Sound

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During weather nets, people often check in to ask why they are, or are not, hearing sirens during particular weather conditions.

First and foremost, please remember that the weather net is primarily set up to be a one-way system:

Spotters –> WARN –> NWS

The system has a tendency to break down when requests for information start to pour in from the other direction.

Also, keep in mind that siren activation policies are different for each county. WARN does not have the ability, or the need, to keep up with that information. Having said that, we will provide the following reference for a few of the counties within the WARN coverage area.

The following information was extracted from the April 3, 1999 edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer. The phone number for each county’s EMA is included if you need more information.

(513) 851-7080
  • Tornado warning
  • Severe thunderstorm warning during a tornado watch

(175 sirens cover 85 percent of the population)

(513) 844-8020
  • Tornado warning
  • Tornado spotted within 35 miles of city of Hamilton!

(31 sirens cover 66 percent of the population)

(513) 732-7661
  • Tornado warning

(14 sirens cover 25 percent of the population)

(513) 925-1313
  • Tornado warning
  • Reliable spotter has seen a tornado

(14 sirens cover 30 percent of the population)

(606) 334-2279
  • Severe thunderstorm warning or tornado warning
  • Tornado spotted by reliable source (firemen, police)
  • At the discretion of the county EMA

(24 sirens cover 70 percent of the population)

(606) 635-1111
  • Tornado warning
  • Tornado sighting by a reliable source

(12 sirens cover 50 percent of the population)

(606) 431-2326
  • Tornado warning or severe thunderstorm warning

(19 sirens cover 60 percent of the population)

(812) 537-3971
  • Tornado warning
  • At EMA director’s discretion
  • Tornado sighting by local spotters

(15 sirens cover 50 percent of the population)