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Net Control Point This is the official web site of WARN, the Weather Amateur Radio Network, in Cincinnati, Ohio. WARN is the local chapter of the nationwide organization, Skywarn.


  • All-Star Game Operations

    As we approach one of the biggest tourist events in the Cincinnati tri-state area in years, with the upcoming MLB All-Star Game, there is concern for severe weather over the next few days. Monday seems to be the most significant potential, as the Storms Prediction Center places the area in an enhanced to moderate risk zone. That is the middle to upper end of the scale.

    In our supporting role for the National Weather Service in issuing accurate warnings to protect life and property, WARN already has net control operators scheduled in the event a net is requested by the National Weather Service in Wilmington, OH any time during the period.

    For those visiting the area for the ASG, or other events, and as a reminder to local hams, we operate the official Skywarn net for the 17 counties surrounding Cincinnati for the National Weather Service, on the 146.88- repeater provided by the Cincinnati FM Club. If severe weather affects our northern Kentucky counties, we will also be operating on the 147.375+ repeater located in Walton, KY and provided by the Northern Kentucky Amateur Radio Club. Both repeaters use a PL of 123.0. We do welcome reports from any licensed amateur radio operator in our area, as long as it meets our reporting criteria below.

    During nets we ask all operators to maintain net discipline and operate courteously. As during all of our weather nets we ask that only severe weather meeting the following criteria are reported unless otherwise requested by net control:

    1. Damaging winds - Generally 50 MPH or greater

    2. Hail 1/2" or larger or any size that covers the ground

    3. Rain rates greater than 1 inch per hour - measured please!

    4. Flooding - Any stream out of its banks or water covering a roadway

    5. Wall cloud, tornado, funnel clouds

    Measured winds, hail, and rainfall are much preferred to estimated. Estimating accurately can be difficult during severe weather. Please DO NOT give superfluous reports such as "It's getting cloudy", the wind is picking up" or especially "there's a lot of lightning. For more information on our reporting criteria, please click on "Criteria" in the menu on the left.

    Other official agencies coordinating the ASG and safety will be monitoring our nets, if active. We may have an influx of visiting hams. Net controls will enforce net procedures strictly to keep things orderly so we can provide NWS with the best possible information.

    Hopefully our services will not be needed, but if they are, we are ready! We invite you to look around our web site to learn more about the Weather Amateur Radio Network (WARN) in Cincinnati!

  • Spotter Training 2015:

    *NEWS FLASH* Reduced manpower at the Wilmington, OH office of the National Weather Service is causing a significant reduction in the number of spotter classes this year. No county will have more than one class and counties are being encouraged to combine classes and they are doing it. Some counties will have no class this year. There will be no WARN sponsored training class this year. We are encouraging everyone to attend other scheduled classes.

    Hamilton County's class will be on Tuesday February 3, 2015 in Green Township at Nathanael Greene Lodge, which is large enough to hold about 200 people. We'll use this as the "WARN" training this year. For information on the venue, please Click here.

    The entire spotter class schedule should be finalized very soon, before the end of January. That will probably be all of the classes that will be taught, so if you normally wait until later in the season to see if a more convenient class is scheduled, DON'T. To view the full training class schedule for the Wilmington, OH office of the National weather service and the 52 counties that they serve Click here.

  • WARN partners with NKARC to use the 147.375 repeater to provide better coverage to Owen, Grant and Pendleton Counties. For more information see the Net Repeaters Page.

  • Be sure to check out the extensive spotter information at the Wilmington NWS Office web site.

  • Your amateur radio-related announcements are welcome on the monthly WARN training net.

  • WARN training nets are held the 1st Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm eastern time on 146.88 MHz.

  • The WARN membership flyer is online in Adobe Acrobat PDF form.

  • Check for license exams in the area via the ARRL Exam Session Search. Click here for Greater Cincinnati area listings.

  • Read more WARN news...

For information about WARN, please contact Public Information Officer Mike Nie W8VMX at or Rob Reider W8GFF at

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