Each local Skywarn section uses slightly different procedures and reporting criteria. The training pages on the WARN site apply to the Cincinnati Skywarn section. Please refer to the “MORE” menu in the left sidebar as you browse through the net training pages.

Here is a brief introduction for each section:

Net Coverage Area

The Wilmington, OH office covers southwest Ohio, northern Kentucky, and southeast Indiana. Our area is broken down into 5 sub-sections. WARN is the Cincinnati section … more

Net Repeaters

Our primary operating frequency is the 146.88 MHz repeater sponsored by the Cincinnati FM Club. We have also entered into a partnership with the Northern Kentucky Amateur Radio Club to provide better, more reliable coverage in the southernmost part of our area of responsibility … more

Net Procedures

Given the serious nature of our task, we insist that proper radio procedures are followed. This helps us collect the information needed by the NWS and relay it to them in a timely fashion … more

Reporting Criteria

Each local Skywarn section uses slightly different reporting criteria. The Cincinnati Section (WARN) requests that area spotters use these criteria duing severe weather nets … more

Estimating Reports

Measured reports are much more desirable than estimated reports. They are generally much more accurate. If you must estimate, here are some handy guidelines … more

Personal Safety

When it comes to severe weather, situational awareness is the best way to insure your safety. If you see or hear a weather forecast in the morning that says severe weather is possible later in the day, that is your cue to be on heightened alert … more

Weather Radio

WARN believes NOAA weather alert receivers provide the best option for personal severe weather warning. SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) receivers allow you to program which counties for which you wish to receive alerts … more