Net Repeaters

Our primary operating frequency is the 146.88 MHz repeater sponsored by the Cincinnati FM Club. In the event of problems with the primary system, we will use the 147.09 MHz repeater sponsored by the Cincinnati Repeater Association as our backup frequency.

Usage Frequency PL Sponsor
Primary 146.880 123 Cincinnati FM Club
Backup 147.090 123 Cincinnati Repeater Association
* Both transmit a PL tone of 123 Hz at all times.

Beginning April 5, 2008, WARN is very please to announce that we have entered into a partnership with the Northern Kentucky Amateur Radio Club to provide better, more reliable coverage in the southernmost part of our area of responsibility. While our main repeaters are great systems, due to distance and terrain, Owen, Grant, and Pendleton Counties have presented a real problem receiving reports. WARN will be monitoring the 147.375+ NKARC repeater during severe weather nets, giving better coverage for the southern part of our area. If you can access the 146.88 repeater , we prefer that you continue to do so. For HAMS who cannot, please use the 147.375 repeater that we will be monitoring during weather nets and training nets.

Usage Frequency PL Sponsor
KY South 147.375 123 N. KY Amateur Radio Club
* This repeater requires users to transmit a PL tone of 123.0 Hz.

If you are not a ham, these frequencies can all be monitored using most scanners.