Net Procedures

Most other sections of this web page are meant to be informative, yet somewhat light hearted. After all we ARE in this for fun. However, given the serious nature of our task, we insist that proper radio procedures are followed. This helps us collect the information needed by the NWS and relay it to them in a timely fashion.


During severe weather, check-ins to the net are not necessary. If you have something to report, simply follow the procedure below. If we need information from a specific location, we will announce this on the air. Many times spotters can sit through an entire net lasting hours, and never give a report. That’s OK. Sometimes the best report you can give is no report at all. We know you’re out there, and we appreciate it.

Reporting Procedures

All submitted reports will meet the criteria specified under “Reporting Criteria”. Only when net control asks for information that differs from the listed parameters should you deviate. Stations with information to report will request recognition from the net control operator (NCO) by stating your call sign and location. (Example: W8VMX, White Oak) Calling stations will usually be recognized in order. Try to avoid transmitting at the same time another station is. Remember, what they are reporting may be as important or even more so than your report. The net frequency can be quite hectic during a severe weather episode.

Brevity and Clarity

Please try to make reports as brief and concise as possible. We all like to rag chew at times, but during a weather net, air time is gold! A proper report sequence should go like this:

Spotter: W8VMX, White Oak

NCO: VMX go ahead

Spotter: W8VMX reporting 50 mile per hour sustained winds, measured, in White Oak.

NCO: W8VMX, we’ve got it. Thanks.

Elapsed time – about 12 seconds. If we need more detail, we’ll ask.

Have a Heart!

The net control operator’s position is hectic. We’re listening to at least two radios. We may be monitoring the APRS terminal. Add someone talking to us in person or on the phone. If we ask you to repeat your traffic, understand that we want to make sure we get it right. Also, give us a few seconds to answer when you call.

Training Nets

The weekly/monthly training nets are on hold for the time being. Check back here for any new information in the future.