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Thankfully, our net coverage area hasn’t experienced many large weather events over the last few years so we haven’t been in the media much lately. Even so, here’s an archive of some of the video and audio we’ve accumulated over the last 20 years. Some of the older video is in low quality because it was converted from RealVideo .rm format.

WARN on WKRC Channel 12 News

See video of the latest Channel 12 Story on WARN, including some nice footage of the net control point at WLW studios, and an interview with WARN Public Information Officer Mike Nie W8VMX.

WARN on WLWT Channel 5 News

See video of the recent Channel 5 Story on WARN, including great footage of the net control point at WLW studios and an interview with WARN President Dick Leffler W8RLL. Steve Lewis N8TFD is also featured at the console.

WARN on WLW Morning News

Bill Rinehart (WLW News) interviews Mike Nie W8VMX (WARN) and Mary Jo Parker (National Weather Service) over the course of five WLW morning news segments.

March 14 – 18, 2005

(Audio Only)

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On The Roof Again

WARN Vice President Rob Reider, W8GFF, is back! And this time it’s with apologies to Willie Nelson. From the 2003 WARN training session, here is the storm spotting parody, On The Roof Again…

Higher Quality Audio:

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WARN on Ch. 5 News

Mike Nie W8VMX continues to spread the WARN word, this time to Channel 5’s Todd Dykes.


A short film starring Phyllis Flamingo… guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Rob Reider – Up On My Roof

That’s right, WARN’s answer to Weird Al Yankovic has struck again!!! Watch Rob Reider’s storm spotting parody of “Up On The Roof”, written by Carole King and Gerry Goffin. Performed at the WARN 2000 Training Session. See further down this page for last year’s tune “Spotters of the Storm“.

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WARN on Ch. 9 News

Channel 9 WCPO featured Steve Lewis N8TFD and Mike Nie W8VMX on the 11pm news in a story about Cincinnati area weather spotters.

And who is that on the scanner near the end of the piece? Why, that’s none other than WARN President Dick Leffler W8RLL (ex WB8MCX) getting his 500 milliseconds of fame!

WARN on Ch. 12 News

Tim Hedrick, Channel 12 Meteorologist, interviewed Mike Nie W8VMX about WARN and its role in the devastating tornado of 4/9/99.

(you may need to turn your audio up a little for this one)

Rob Reider – Spotters of the Storm

WARN Vice President Rob Reider W8GFF wrote and performed a witty parody of “Riders on the Storm” by The Doors to cap off the¬†1999 WARN Training Session. (videotaped by W8VMX)

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