2001 Wrap-up Meeting

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The “wrap-up” meeting for the 2001 SkyWarn “season” was held yesterday. The list of highlights is brief, because it was a very quiet season throughout the Wilmington NWS coverage area.

  • The NWS special event for 2001 will be held on Saturday, 12/1. (UTC time, so the operating hours are 11/30 at 7pm to 12/1 at 7pm). For more details, check http://hamradio.noaa.gov/ on the web.
  • NOAA WX radio: Plans are coming together to add transmitters in Maysville (300W), Owenton (1KW), and Richmond IN (300W?)
  • SAME update: The NWS is getting things in order to begin transmitting Civil Emergency Messages (CEMs) on NOAA WX radio. You will have to add this to your SAME receiver programming to be alerted to riots/hazmat incidents, etc.

While you’re surfing the web, check out these websites belonging to our SkyWARN counterparts: