Welcome to WARN on the Internet

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Welcome. While we are primarily an organization in the Cincinnati area, we hope that out of town subscribers will find something of interest too.

As many of you know, we underwent a massive change in operations this year. After our office at the Greater Cincinnati International Airport became “unavailable”, we were forced to find a new home. After a couple false starts, the fine folks at the Clearchannel Corp. came through and provided us with a home at WLW radio (700 AM). This type of arrangement was unprecedented for us, and was not without reservation. We have been extremely pleased with how the arrangement worked out. It is a very good example of how corporate citizens and amateur radio organizations can work together for the public good. Thanks again Paul and the Clearchannel folks.

Our first year in our new home was one of the most uneventful severe weather seasons I can recall. We had only a few activations (which did bring some truly severe weather.) It was nice to ease into the new home. Net operations went smoothly and we heard reports from local hams about the high quality of net communications. Initial comments from the National Weather Service have been positive. We will have more detailed comments from the NWS after our season-end section meeting in October. We critique the season at this meeting. Please be sure to check out our reporting criteria and other information on our web page at https://www.warn.org.

Finally, for those in the Cincinnati area, a reminder. We will change to a monthly net schedule beginning in October. Nets will be on the first Wednesday of every month at 19:30 local time on the 146.88MHz repeater.